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How to Find a Professional Auto Mechanic that Make Your Auto Like New One?

Taking a car to a repair shop for maintenance or repair is something that no car owner enjoys, but something that needs to be done from time to time. Following the maintenance instructions in the owner’s manual and picking a professional auto mechanic can ensure such visits are kept to minimum.

Choosing an auto mechanic can be easy if you keep in mind the six tips listed ahead. However, don’t wait for the scheduled maintenance date to come knocking at the door or car to show clear signs of imminent major breakdown to start your search. Search made in haste may make you hand over the car keys to a mechanic with less than perfect track record or credentials.

Do yourself a favor—start your search well in advance.

  • Ask Around

Who are the best people to advice you? Of course, your friends and family. Then why not ask them for a word-of-mouth referral?

Word-of-mouth referrals from a known person can obviate the chance of your handing the keys of your car to an unscrupulous professional and save you from much headache and unnecessary expenditure in turn.

In case you don’t get any convenient word-of-mouth-referral, take your search online. Browse quality consumer review websites to zero in on a few names in your vicinity.

For example: Do a search in Google for Auto Mechanic Services in Lake Forest. You should be able to find auto repair shops in Google places with their reviews.

However, it would be a great idea to not rely only on online reviews. Use them to shortlist a few names, and then do some further research of your own. Based on the latter, you can pick the best of the lot.

  • Cost is not the most reliable indicator of quality of service

The mechanic quoting the lowest price might not provide you the worst service in terms of quality and vice-versa. Cost is one of the indicators of quality, but it is not the most reliable one. For sure, check a mechanic for affordability, but also judge him/her on other parameters listed here. If you do good research, you are bound to find a mechanic who charges reasonable rates and provides quality service.

  • Willing to show you the problem (and not explain only in technical mumbo jumbo)

Mechanics can sometimes be guilty of speaking in technical language, which someone who doesn’t know much about cars can have a hard time following. Ensure the mechanic is willing to explain the problem in plain English to you.

In case the problem requires replacement of some parts, ask the mechanic to show you the defected parts. You must adopt the same strategy in case the mechanic informs you that the car requires more repair work than originally thought of. If the mechanic refuses, either he is an unprofessional or a cheat and obviously is not someone whom you want to work on your car. There are plenty of talented car mechanic who treat a customer the way he deserves to be treated, so don’t waste your time on below-par car mechanics.

  • Willing to give estimates

The last thing you would want is a final bill that’s way over the amount the mechanic casually hinted at in the beginning. That’s why always ask for a written estimate before the mechanic starts repair work. Additionally ask him to give you assurance that he will call you if the car happens to require more work, which would mean additional costs, than originally conveyed to you.

Auto Mechanic Services in Lake Forest is a family owned and operated automotive repair and tire shop that consistently strive to give our clients 5-star experience.

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